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GARAMITE® 7305 was developed using patented Mixed Mineral Thixotrope (MMT) technology. The MMT technology provides performance benefits which are not possible with traditional organoclay additives. Traditional organoclays are very hard to disperse, typically requiring both very high shear mixing and a polar activator to help delaminate the aggregates of clay platelets. Due to the multiple particle morphologies of this product, the powder disperses very easily into oils or solvents with only moderate shear.

GARAMITE® 7305 exhibits a very unique rheology profile compared to other thickening additives. Very high low-shear viscosity can be achieved by incorporating this product into formulations which results in outstanding ant-settling and anti-syneresis properties. However, when a shear force is applied, the viscosity is quickly reduced which allows for excellent application properties. It is most suited for medium to high polarity systems.


BYK manufactures an expanding portfolio of additives for adhesion systems, including aqueous dispersions, solvent-borne systems and solvent-free reactive systems, such as epoxies, acrylates, polyurethanes, and silane-terminated polymers. BYK’s adhesive and sealant additives offer silicone and silicone-free polymer defoamers, liquid rheology additives, wetting and dispersing agents, and surface additives.

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