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Flytac103-90 is a slightly yellow transparent solid, which is made from Gum Rosin through esterification with Glycerol. It has the properties of high viscosity, low VOC, excellent heat and aging stability, excellent polymer compatibility etc. Typical uses include EVA, SBS, SIS and other hot melt adhesives due to its stability and excellent polymer compatibility. It can also be used in construction adhesives, rubber compounding, sealants, coatings and other applications. This product has a colour gardener (in 50% Toleune) of 3 max., an acid value of 10mg KOH/g max., and a softening point (R&B) of 87-92°C min.


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Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd. is a manufacturer, developer, and co-producer of rosin, rosin derivatives and special additives for Paint and Coatings. Founded in 2006, Flying Dragon is a privately held company that emphasizes consistent quality at competitive prices, while assisting with export formalities. Flying Dragon is part of the Petrofer Group (www.petrofer.ch) located in Switzerland.

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