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Flytac 106-100 

Flytac 106-100 is a medium hard, pale, thermoplastic resin designed primarily as a tackifying resin for various types of polymer- and elastomer-based adhesives. It is a pentaerythritol ester of a rosin that has been stabilized by hydrogenation. In adhesive formulations, it contributes improved resistance to oxidation, greater heat stability, better retention of color, and greater retention of tack-imparting properties than ordinary rosin ester resins. Flytac 106-100 has a color gardener of 8~10, a specific gravity (25°C/25°C) of 1.060~1.090, and a softening point (R&B) of 95-102°C min.


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Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd. is a manufacturer, developer, and co-producer of rosin, rosin derivatives and special additives for Paint and Coatings. Founded in 2006, Flying Dragon is a privately held company that emphasizes consistent quality at competitive prices, while assisting with export formalities. Flying Dragon is part of the Petrofer Group (www.petrofer.ch) located in Switzerland.

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Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd.

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