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Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co.,Ltd.

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Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co.,Ltd. produces a variety of green environment-friendly plasticizers, which are widely used in flavors, casting, coatings, inks, pharmaceuticals and PTA. Insisting to get development by technical innovation, and sticking to the tenet of "green & environment-friendly, clean production" , they have successfully become a safe, clean and environment-friendly enterprise by using a DCS system to control daily production. Some of Jiangsu Ruijia products are used for gravure printing inks, especially for plastic films like bread wraps and can also be used in coatings and adhesives.
Isobutyl Acetate Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co.,Ltd. Isobutyl Acetate is a clear liquid without precipitates. It can be used in coatings and as a solvent in polymer paints, adhesives, and isocyanate lacquers.
Isopropyl Acetate Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co.,Ltd. Isopropyl Acetate is a colorless liquid with a strong, fruity odor. This product is a fast-evaporating solvent. It is used in gravure printing inks for plastic films such as bread wrap. The rest finds many uses in coatings and adhesives.