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Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high performance chemicals that use phosgene and aromatic amines as main intermediates. ChangFengChem has A major phosgene derivative production base and the largest capacity for phosgene production in China. The company offers a variety of products. Including products for the paint and coating, graphic arts and inks and adhesive and sealant industries.
Benzophenone Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Benzophenone is a white to whitish crystal or flake with a light odor. It is a photo-initiator and can be used in UV-curing applications such as inks and clear coatings.
Diethyl Carbonate(DEC) Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Diethyl Carbonate(DEC) is a colorless liquid with a diethyl ether-like odor. It can be used in the manufacturing of a paint/sealer for use on cathodes of radio tubes.