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Ashland for decades has aided the world’s leading Paint and Coatings manufacturers save costs, solve formulation challenges, and improve product quality and performance. The company provides innovative solutions for architectural, industrial, specialty and wood coatings, as well as functional additives for paint removers and emulsion polymerization.
Interior Flat Paint Formula with 2% Titanium Dioxide Pigment (Formulation #07-1043) Ashland This formulation is based on PVC 85% and Acronal* 290D.
White Acrylic Topcoat for Airless Spray (Formulation #07-1041A) Ashland PVC 13% based on Neocryl* XK-98 acrylic topcoat - airless and air sprayable.
White Anti-Corrosive Primer for Airless Spray (Formulation #07-1042A) Ashland Based on Neocryl* XK-87 and Nubirox* 106, primer - airless and air sprayable.