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Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc.

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Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of styrene-butadiene emulsions used in inks and coatings. The Rovene® line of low viscosity, water-based emulsions features a variety of styrene-butadiene ratios, molecular weights, and degrees carboxylation. These emulsions can be compounded into formulations with select tackifier dispersions, fillers, and pigments.
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Overprint Varnish - General Use Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. General Purpose OPVs can be applied to a variety of articles and substrates imparting aesthetics such as gloss and clarity, and also provide printed articles protection. Below are several starting point formulations for general use OPVs.
Overprint Varnish - High Slide Angle Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. A high slide angle OPV is a coating or varnish that has a high degree of skid resistance or a high coefficient of friction. Below are two starting point formulations for a high slide angle OPV.