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EMPIGEN ® OH 25 is an aqueous solution of myristamine oxide. Amine oxides are extremely versatile co-surfactants. In detergents they help to create and stabilise copious foam, as well as improving emulsification and soil removal and the incorporation of an amine oxide into a shampoo can improve the conditioning characteristics. They are resistant to oxidation and are commonly used as solubilising agents and viscosity modifiers in household bleaches with both hypochlorite and peroxide. Their properties can be modified by adjusting the pH of the formulation.


Innospec Performance Chemicals is a global manufacturer of ingredients for different markets, including Personal Care, Home Care and I&I, Agrochemical, Mining and Construction. Innospec’s impressive range of ingredients makes it easy to create original formulations with a variety of applications, ideas for packaging, and inspiration for natural and sustainable products. At Innospec we believe that combining extensive market knowledge and innovative technologies provide the best solutions for our customers, supporting their formulating techniques, ideas, innovation and requirement for claims.


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Innospec Performance Chemicals Home Care and I&I

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