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2-Octanol (Capryl Alcohol)


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2-Octanol (Capryl Alcohol) is an 8-carbon secondary alcohol, in the form of a colorless transparent liquid, derived from castor oil. This product can be used in adhesives, candles, coatings, cosmetics, greases, soaps, hydraulic fluids, inks, lacquers, lubricants, metal working fluids, personal care items, plastics & plasticizers, polishes, and textiles.


Alnor Oil Company, Inc. is a supplier of vegetable oils and derivatives used in Household, Industrial, & Institutional Cleaners. Priding itself on a tradition of commitment to the best interests of its customers, and leveraging its vast knowledge and experience, this organization is a top source for vegetable oils. Alnor guarantees unsurpassed quality, uniformity, and customer service.

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Alnor Oil Company, Inc.

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