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MIRAMER M222 is a polyetherpolyol diacrylate. It is a reactive diluent for radically curable inks, coatings and adhesives. This product is recommended for use in printing inks and varnishes, overprint varnishes, wood and industrial coatings, plastic coatings and paper and board varnishes. Excellent reactivity and non yellowing is achieved with GENOCURE* MBF as a photoinitiator.


RAHN is a leading global supplier of UV/EB curing raw materials for the Graphic Arts and Inks Industry. RAHN also developed lines of additives, oligomers, reactive diluents, and photoinitiators that enhance UV/EB-curing, also known as Energy Curing. Rahn’s EnergyCuring products enable faster curing times which result in quicker production and no use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


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