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GENOMER* 2263 is a vinylester resin. It is a resin for radically curable inks, coatings and adhesives. The cured oligomer shows high stress at break and high e-modulus. GENOMER* 2263 is typically applied in offset inks and varnishes, letterpress inks, screen inks and varnishes, and wood plastic, and paper coatings.


RAHN is a leading global supplier of UV/EB curing raw materials for the Graphic Arts and Inks Industry. RAHN also developed lines of additives, oligomers, reactive diluents, and photoinitiators that enhance UV/EB-curing, also known as Energy Curing. Rahn’s EnergyCuring products enable faster curing times which result in quicker production and no use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


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