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Highly effective in imparting gloss, adhesiveness, leveling and also in increasing the solid content leading to a reduction in the VOC. Used in the manufacture of all types of nitrolacquers and are useful in the manufacture of PVC lacquers and for polishing lacquers and finishes for the surface treatment of wooden furniture and articles. Is also useful in heat seal coatings, primer and base coatings, gasoline resistant coatings, nail lacquers etc.


Polyols & Polymers is a major producer of alkyl phenol resins used in Graphic Arts and Inks. Its Polytone P Series of modified phenolic resins is excellent for offset and high gloss gravure printing inks. For keytone formaldehyde and ketonic resins, Polyols & Polymers’ Polytone K Series offers superior appearance and durability for flexographic, gravure, and lamination inks as well as lacquers and paper coatings.


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