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DeCORE AFCI-45 is an amine free, low foaming, water soluble, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor. Protects a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, steel, cast iron, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in aqueous systems. It is free of phosphorous, boron, nitrites, azoles and is non-phenolic. Suggested for use in formulations having a pH > 7 such as synthetic coolants, cleaners, and aerosol products. Prevents flash rust in mildly acidic formulations. May also be used as a hydrotrope in alkaline systems.


DeFOREST Enterprises, Inc. is committed to the production of innovative and diverse products. The company offers specialty products, including surfactants, wetting agents, hydrotropes, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, gelling agents, and environmentally-sensitive products. These specialties provide proven solutions for applications in the household, institutional, industrial, metal working and lubrication industries.

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