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PEL-HIB™ 543-B


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PEL-HIB™ 543-B corrosion inhibitor is an amine borate ester suitable for use with aluminum and steel. Originally introduced as an alternative to nitrites, it affords the same level of protection to ferrous materials. It provides excellent rust inhibition and aids lubrication in metal cutting fluids. PEL-HIB™ 543-B gives a nontacky protective film to the work piece and is very water soluble. Because it is amine based, it is not appropriate for use on copper, brass or other copper alloys.


Ele Corporation is a mid-sized ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in Lubricant, Metalworking Fluid and Cleaner formulations. Elé manufactures a wide variety of Metalworking ingredients tailor-made to our customers’ specific needs, including products which are naturally-derived, biodegradable, low-foaming, and DEA-free. We are agile and responsive to customers’ needs, having the ability to manufacture quantities from 1000 kg to 40 metric tons.


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