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Petrothene® PP1510PC

Generic Family: Polypropylene Impact CopolymerSupplied by: LyondellBasell Industries
Petrothene PP1510PC is selected by customers for use as primary insulation or a jacketing base resin for wire and cable applications. PP1510PC contains antioxidants to help ensure thermal stability during processing and to provide excellent long-term aging properties. It also contains a metal deactivator to prevent degradation while the cable is in service.

Petrothene PP1510PC meets the requirements of the following: ASTM D 4101, Group 03, Class 4, Grade 8; PP0348B44803EO; Federal LP394C, Type IV, Grade B.
General Properties

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Material Status
Commercial: Active

Processing - Mold Shrink (English)

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Technical Datasheet (English)

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North America
Processing Method
Wire & Cable Extrusion
Other Properties
Additive, Features, Density, Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR), Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR), Tensile Strength at Yield, Tensile Strength at Break, Tensile Elongation at Break, Flexural Modulus, Brittleness Temperature, Volume Resistivity, Dielectric Constant, Dissipation Factor, Cylinder Zone 1 Temp., Cylinder Zone 2 Temp., Cylinder Zone 3 Temp., Cylinder Zone 4 Temp., Cylinder Zone 5 Temp., Adapter Temperature, Die Temperature
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