Celcon® GC25A

Generic Family: Acetal (POM) CopolymerSupplied by: Celanese Corporation
25% glass fibers, coupled for improved stiffness, standard grade
Celcon® acetal copolymer grade GC25A is a glass coupled formulation containing 25% reinforced fiber glass. This grade offers excellent strength, stiffness and heat distortion temperature with lower mold shrinkage, minimum thermal expansion, excellent dimensional stability and good moldability. Chemical abbreviation according to ISO 1043-1: POM
General Properties

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Material Status
Commercial: Active
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Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Automotive Applications
Automative Specification
BOSCH N28 BN22-X009 Color: NAT, BLK, BROWN
Processing Method
Multi-Point Data
  • Creep Modulus vs. Time (ISO 11403-1)
  • Isochronous Stress vs. Strain (ISO 11403-1)
  • Isothermal Stress vs. Strain (ISO 11403-1)
  • Secant Modulus vs. Strain (ISO 11403-1)
Other Properties
Filler / Reinforcement, Additive, Forms, Density, Molding Shrinkage, Water Absorption Sat/23C, Water Absorption 23C/50RH, Tensile Modulus, Tensile Stress at Break, Tensile Strain at Break, Flexural Modulus, Flexural Stress, Poisson's Ratio, Charpy Notched Impact Strength, Charpy Unnotched Impact Strength, Notched Izod Impact Strength, DTUL (1.80 MPa) Unannealed, Melting Temperature, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, Flow, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, Transverse, Additional Properties, Drying Temperature, Drying Time, Rear Temperature, Middle Temperature, Front Temperature, Nozzle Temperature, Processing (Melt) Temp, Mold Temperature, Injection Rate, Back Pressure
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