Fluoraz 799

Generic Family: PolytetrafluoroethyleneSupplied by: Greene, Tweed & Co.
Sanitary gaskets made from Fluoraz® 799 proivde a level of performance in SIP and CIP systems that surpasses all other elastomers. While EPDMs and FKMs can provide a seal for extended periods, chnages in physical properties can have adverse effects beyond simple volume swell. A decrease in hardness or drop in modulus signals a reduction in compressive strength. If a sanitary gasket is retorqued to the installation specifications, the gasket will be compressed at a greater level than desired, resulting in increased intrusion into the proecess stream. An increased in hardness/modulus and a drop in elongation means embrittlement. The seal will be undertorques, resulting in either leaks or cracking.
General Properties

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Material Status
Commercial: Active

Technical Datasheet (English)

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Other Properties
Features, Agency Ratings, Appearance, Forms, Density / Specific Gravity, Tensile Stress at 100%, Tensile Strength at Break, Elongation at Break, Durometer Hardness, Additional Properties
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