Avalon 56

Generic Family: PolytetrafluoroethyleneSupplied by: Greene, Tweed & Co.
PTFE is preferred for use in many pharmaceutical-sealing applications. Its chemical inertness and ultra-low level extractables provide pharmaceutical process and validation engineers with a safe material to use in almost any application. PTFE is visco-elastic, providing a functional seal when other fluorinated plastics such as PFA or FEP cannot. However, because virgin PTFE will creep under load its ability to provide a reliable seal during temperature cycling is limited.

Ferrule gaskets made from Avalon® 56 provide a level of performance superior to other PTFE materials used in the pharmaceutical and hygienic fluid handling industries. Greene, Tweed's Avalon 56 uses the latest generation modified PTFE. Modified PTFE contains a small amount of a perfluoroether to improve creep resistance, compressive strength and permeation resistance. Modified PTFE is not only the material of choice for PTFE-faced diaphragm materials, but it is also FDA compliant.

While other gasket manufacturers fabricate gaskets by directly molding the finished part, Greene Tweed machines Avalon 56 sanitary gaskets and custom shapes from isostatic-molded billets to provide optimal physical properties and tighter tolerances, easing the installation process.

Avalon 56 virgin PTFE seals deliver improved sealing performance over standard PTFE.
Avalon 56 is available in all sanitary gasket sizes, as well as custom shapes.
General Properties

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Technical Datasheet (English)

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