Ultramid® 8272G HS BK102

Generic Family: Polyamide 6Supplied by: BASF Corporation
Ultramid 8272G HS BK102 is a 12% glass fiber reinforced, black pigmented, thermally modified, PA6 blow molding compound offering an excellent balance of engineering properties combined with the melt strength ideally suited for blow molding and other applications requiring ultra high melt viscosity. It exhibits improved strength, stiffness and creep resistance compare to standard blow molding grades. Outstanding permeability and chemical resistance to oils, hydrocarbons and most solvents are other advantages along with excellent stiffness ad the ability to fabricate complex shapes for cost effective metal replacements.

Ultramid 8272G HS BK102 is designed for blow molding applications requiring improved short term thermal performance as well as extrusions. It is ideal for air ducts, reservoirs and covers.
General Properties

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Material Status
Commercial: Active

Technical Datasheet - ASTM (English)

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Technical Datasheet - ASTM (English)

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Asia Pacific, North America
Blow Molding Applications
Automative Specification
ASTM D4000 PA0220 G12 A39160 UA042 AA002
Processing Method
Blow Molding
Multi-Point Data
  • Isothermal Stress vs. Strain (ISO 11403-1)
  • Secant Modulus vs. Strain (ISO 11403-1)
  • Shear Modulus vs. Temperature (ISO 11403-1)
Other Properties
Filler / Reinforcement, Additive, Features, Agency Ratings, RoHS Compliance, Appearance, Forms, Density / Specific Gravity, Density, Mold Shrink, Linear-Flow, Water Absorption @ 24 hrs, Water Absorption 24h/23C, Water Absorption @ Sat., Water Absorption Sat/23C, Water Absorption @ Equil, Water Absorption 23C/50RH, Tensile Modulus, Tensile Strength at Break, Tensile Stress at Break, Tensile Elongation at Break, Tensile Strain at Break, Flexural Modulus, Flexural Modulus, Flexural Strength, Charpy Notched Impact Strength, Notched Izod Impact, Notched Izod Impact Strength, Rockwell Hardness, DTUL (0.45 MPa) Unannealed, DTUL (264 psi) - Unannealed, DTUL (1.80 MPa) Unannealed, Peak Melting Temperature, Melting Temperature (DSC), CLTE, Flow (TMA), Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, Flow, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, Transverse, Volume Resistivity, Volume Resistivity, Additional Properties
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