UL Prospector™

Phenolic: Features

Abrasion Resistant
Acid Resistant
Alkali Resistant
Arc Resistant
Barrier Resin
Chemical Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Crack Resistant
Creep Resistant
Detergent Resistant
Electrically Conductive
Electrically Insulating
Environmentally Sound/Sustainable
Excellent Processability
Fast Cure
Fast Gel
Fatigue Resistant
Flame Retardant
Food Contact Acceptable
Fuel Resistant
Fungus Resistant
General Purpose
Good Adhesion
Good Colorability
Good Dimensional Stability
Good Electrical Properties
Good Flexibility
Good Heat Resistance
Good Impact Resistance
Good Isotropy
Good Mold Release
Good Moldability
Good Processability
Good Stiffness
Good Strength
Good Surface Finish
Good Tensile Strength
Good Thermal Stability
Good Toughness
Good Weather Resistance
Halogen Free
High Dimensional Stability
High Friction
High Hardness
High Heat Resistance
High Impact Resistance
High Molecular Weight
High Reactivity
High Rigidity
High Specific Gravity
High Strength
High Temperature Strength
Impact Modified
Low Density
Low Emissions
Low Friction
Low Moisture Absorption
Low Odor
Low Shrinkage
Low Smoke Emission
Low to No Taste
Low to No Water Absorption
Low Viscosity
Medium Flow
Medium Hardness
Medium Heat Resistance
Medium Impact Resistance
Medium Molecular Weight
Medium Viscosity
Moisture Resistant
Non-Smooth Surface Finish
Oil Resistant
Pleasing Surface Appearance
Renewable Resource Content
Self Lubricating
Shock Resistant
Solvent Resistant
Steam Resistant
Thermally Conductive
Thermally Insulating
Tracking Resistant
Water Soluble
Wear Resistant