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ETHOCEL™ is a sustained release film coating made from a premium ethylcellulose polymer for use in a variety of pharmaceutical applications. This water-insoluble polymer can be used in extended release multiparticulate coating, the micro-encapsulation of actives, taste-masking of bitter actives, as an extended release binder in inert matrix systems, and as a solvent and extrusion granulation. This product has an excellent safety record and has been widely used by the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years.


Colorcon® provides a wide range of complete modified release technologies, film coatings systems and excipients for all pharmaceutical, dietery and nutritional supplement manufacturer. They also offer glazes, food colorants and confectionery Inks. Colorcon® products are made from approved colorants including FD&C aluminum lakes, dyes and other natural products. Their products are available in both liquid and dry systems to suit their client's specific applications.

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