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DRD Additives

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DRD Additives specializes in researching and manufacturing fuel and lubricant additives used in the Lubricant and Metalworking Fluids industry. This company utilizes green raw materials to create environmentally-friendly and cost effective products such as Lubricant Additive BD 0830, Lubricant Additive BD 6400, and more. Most of their products can reduce carbon emissions and improve machine performance.
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BD 0612 DRD Additives BD 0612 is an ester-based lubricity additive that gives antioxidant and corrosion protection performance. It cleans metal surfaces and can be emulsified or used in oil-based formulations.
BD 0830 DRD Additives Everything you need in a sulfonate emulsifier base. Stability, corrosion protection, low foam, excellent solubility, all in one package.
BD 0908 DRD Additives Unique antiwear and friction modification additive that incorporates a nanoparticulate boron species coupled with surface-active esters. Can give EP properties and is compatible with water in emulsions.
BD 1231 DRD Additives Sulfurized olefin. High sulfur content (40%) makes this product perfect for extreme pressure metalworking applications.
BD 1241 DRD Additives A mixture of sulfurized natural and synthetic esters. 17% S, 6.5% active with a medium viscosity. Used as an EP additive for metalworking fluids.
BD 1261 DRD Additives A mixture of sulfurized natural and synthetic esters. 10.5% S with a copper strip of 1b. EP additive for metalworking fluids.
BD 1638 DRD Additives Sodium pyrithione solution in water. Used as a biocide in water-based metalworking fluids.
BD 1648 DRD Additives Emulsifier designed for used with ester-based fluids. Emulsifies natural and synthetic esters including but not limited to canola oil, polyol esters, methyl esters, and B100 biodiesel.
BD 1705 DRD Additives Pentaerythritol tetraoleate synthetic ester used as a lubricity additive or an environmentally-friendly base oil. Good hydrolytic stability and compatibility with water.
BD 1706 DRD Additives PEG-600 oleate ester that functions as a coupler and secondary emulsifier. Enhances stability of concentrates. Compatible with wide range of pH levels.
BD 1707 DRD Additives TMP trioleate synthetic ester used as an additive for lubricity or as an environmentally friendly base oil. Outstanding resistance to hydrolysis.
BD 1710 DRD Additives Phenolic antioxidant for use in all types of hydrocarbon fluids including fuels and oils. Very low treat rate.
BD 2001 DRD Additives Standard PAO (polyalphaolefin) used as a lubricity additive or as a base stock. Has excellent oxidative stability.
BD 6001 DRD Additives Unique ester-based lubricity additive. Enhances sound reduction in railroad curve grease.