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Serum with Vitamin C


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Serum rich in antioxidants to activate skin functions. This serum has a light and fresh skin feel and it is ideal for dull and lifeless skin types. In addition to the antioxidants, Creanatural® LAQ adds nurturing skin care benefits of non-oxydazing Meadowfoam Seed Oil and skin reparing Vegetable Squalane. Dedraflow® 5 is a hypoallergenic and volatile emolllient to bring softness and lubricity without heavy residue. Dedraflow® 5 is also used as replacement to cyclomethicone. Creagel® EZ makes instant easy emulsion in cold or hot processes. It can be added in emulsions to build up the low viscosity of the product.


The Innovation Company® manufactures an extensive range of cosmetic raw materials for Skin Care, Colour Care and Solar Protection. TIC’s highly equipped R&D, QC and Formulation laboratories, bring unique optimisation analysis to customers during their trials, in an effective partnership.

Ranges include: Dedraflow®, Vegeflow® and Novatext® for perfect silicone replacements. Eospoly®, Creasperse® and BNPoly® patented UVR mineral protection.

Creastar® (over 1000 pearl shades) and Creasperse® BB colours in over 74 shades to cover World skin hues, and all our substrates are silicone-free coated and tested to obtain the highest.

In Vivo test results on Fiflow® and Nordic Beauty bioactives demonstrate TIC advances on linear thinking, over last 35 years.

Skin Care does perform visually.

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