Aplicação De Nanopartículas De Sericina No Tratamento Cosmético De Cabelos 

The sericin is a natural protein and hydrophilic gel produced by the silkworm Bombyx mori. The silk emitted by the silkworm has a center of fibroin that is surrounded by a gum coating of sericin, which allows all the fibers to stick together. The sericin has high affinity for keratin human hair and binds strongly to it, acting like a glue that cements damaged cuticles that are about to be torn during washing or combing. This study aims to assess the effects of the application of sericin nanoparticles in cosmetic treatment of damaged hair.


The Brazilian Association of Cosmetology is a nonprofit organization that was founded by experts working at finished product companies, raw material companies and universities who were involved in the personal care industry. They aim to encourage the development of national cosmetology by promoting regulatory, scientific and technological activities within the industry. They serve as Brazil's representative for both the IFSCC and FELASCC organizations.

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