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System RUMBA - Plants for Chocolate Production

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The RUMBA plant concept from NETZSCH is a complete process for the production of high-quality chocolate. From the basic ingredients cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and perhaps milk powder, you can produce your own dark, milk or white chocolate. With very easy operation of the compact, closed RUMBA plant you can develop recipes according to individual needs. In this way, requirements from 750 kg all the way up to 6,000 kg batch size and over 100 Tons/day can be met precisely.


NETZSCH Confectionery attend to their customers needs in the cocoa, chocolate, compound, filling cream and spread industry in their premises in Selb, Germany as well through several sister companies all over the globe. In the WhiteLab, set up solely for food and confectionery applications, the customers can see demonstrations and perform tests with the specialized NETZSCH Systems, as well characterize the product on rheology, particle size, moisture and others.

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