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POLYVEST® HT is a stereospecific, low viscous and hydroxyl-terminated liquid polybutadiene. Due to its unsaturated polymer backbone and the terminal hydroxyl functionalities, the apolar and hydrophobic hydrocarbon resin POLYVEST® HT is a highly reactive binder providing versatile opportunities for precise chemical modifications and reactions.

POLYVEST® HT exhibits the following features: high chemical resistance towards acids and bases, excellent water resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, high cold resistance by keeping good flexibility at low temperatures, good solubility in aliphatics, aromatics and ethers, low moisture and gas permeability, good adhesion to various substrates. POLYVEST® HT is used in adhesive and sealant compositions, insulated glass sealants, waterproofing membranes and coatings, gap fillers and expansion joints, electrical insulations and potting compounds, binder for rubber based sealants and recycled rubber compounds, polymer modification, and many more.


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赢创工业集团制造的聚合物,单体/交联剂和添加剂,适用于胶粘剂和密封胶行业。赢创的VESTOWAX ®产品系列包括适用于热熔胶的,费 - 托合成特种蜡( FT蜡)。 VESTOPLAST ®无定形聚- α-烯烃( APAO ) ,可用于各种各样的应用,但特别适用于生产热熔胶黏剂。



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