SONGSORB® 2908 provides antioxidant activity both during thermal processing and in moderate elevated temperatures due to radical scavenging mechanism. It exhibits excellent compatibility, low color contribution, low volatility and low toxicity. SONGSORB® 2908 is an excellent ultraviolet light stabilizer for olefins, particularly pigmented opaque formulations, for applications such as pipes, drums, sheeting, marine, and garden. It can be used in combination with phenolic & phosphite antioxidants, and HALS to optimize performance in outdoor use - synergizies well with UV absorbers and antioxidants which function as hydroperoxide decomposers.


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Songwon International AG is a major manufacturer of polymer stabilizers. By anticipating, understanding, and satisfying the needs of customers, the company has achieved sustainable and profitable growth. Their product range includes antioxidants, binary blends, thioesters, hindered amine light stabilizers, UV absorbers, and hydroxybenzoates, which can be supplied in powder or granular form.


Songwon International AG

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