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SONGSORB® 3280 is a strong absorber of ultraviolet radiation in the 290~400nm region and has a high degree of photostability - photochemical energy absorbed in the ultraviolet region is dissipated as thermal energy. It features strong UV absorption, low initial color, good solubility in plasticizers and monomers, moderately low volatility, and excellent compatibility in a wide variety of substrates. SONGSORB® 3280 is recommended for use in polyolefins, PVC, styrene homo and copolymers, ABS, acrylic polymers, unsaturated polyesters, thermoplastic urethanes, moisture cured polyurethanes, polyacetals, polyvinylbutyral, two component epoxies and urethanes, oil alkyds and thermosetting acrylic enamels.


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Songwon International AG is a major manufacturer of polymer stabilizers. By anticipating, understanding, and satisfying the needs of customers, the company has achieved sustainable and profitable growth. Their product range includes antioxidants, binary blends, thioesters, hindered amine light stabilizers, UV absorbers, and hydroxybenzoates, which can be supplied in powder or granular form.


Songwon International AG

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