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Tetradecanedioic Acid (DC14S) 

Tetradecanedioic Acid (DC14S), in the form of a white powder or flake, is dibasic acids which is a family of organic compounds, also known as ‘long-chain dicarboxylic acids’, and has a chemical formula of HOOC(CH2)12COOH. It has recommended applications in polyamide and polyester resins, plasticizer diesters, powder coatings, hot melt adhesives, and more.


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Cathay Industrial Biotech is the world leader in the production of long chain dibasic acids used primarily for nylons, polyesters and adhesives and bio-solvents. Cathay’s leading-edge technological innovations allow the manufacturing of chemicals and fuels from renewable resources. Cathay Industrial Biotech has extensive experience developing commercially viable biobased production processes from strain development all the way through scale-up and commercialization. They have led numerous Chinese national biotech research projects, as well as developed, transferred, and outlicensed many bioprocess technologies to chemical producers globally.


Cathay Industrial Biotechnology

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