Texipol® 63-201 


Scott Bader

Texipol® 63-201 is an anionic inverse emulsion thickener which imparts a long stringy flow in a wide variety of aqueous and non-aqueous compositions and is effective over a wide pH range. This product has been found useful for thickening highly filled carpet backing compounds, other aqueous-based adhesive and coating systems, and even some non-aqueous systems like simple alcohols and glycols.


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Scott Bader is a supplier of synthetic resins and polymers used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. Key product lines include Crystic® Bonding Pastes, Crestabond® Structural Adhesives, Crestapol® Acrylic Resins, and Texicryl® Acrylic Emulsions and Thickeners. Renown for its innovation, high quality ingredients, and superior customer service, this organization is committed to excellence.


Scott Bader

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