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KRATON® D1101 ESM Polymer 

KRATON® D1101 ESM Polymer is a clear, linear block copolymer based on styrene and butadiene with bound styrene of 31% mass. It is supplied as powder dusted with amorphous silica. This product is versatile with a combination of high strength, wide range of hardness, and low viscosity for easy thermoplastic melt processing or processing in solution. KRATON® D1101 ESM Polymer is used in pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt spray diaper adhesives, construction adhesives, road and pipe coating, adhesives, and sealants.


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Kraton Polymers International Ltd. can be formulated to produce a wide range of hot melt and solovent based industrial adhesives that range from non pressure-sensitive, to pressure sensitive, that adhere to a variety of substrates including paper, cardboard, polymer coated substrates, plastics, polyolefins, fabric, and foam, and that exhibit high performance.


Kraton Polymers International Ltd.

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