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Speedcure BEDB 

Speedcure BEDB is a liquid amine synergist which, when used with Type II photoinitiators, generates free radicals capable of initiating the rapid photo-polymerisation of suitable resin formulations. Thioxanthone photoinitiators are highly soluble in Speedcure BEDB, affording a single liquid additive. This clear, pale yellow liquid has good soluble properties, low toxicity and low odor. It is used in wood varnishes, printing inks, over print varnishes, decorative coatings for metal cans and food cartons, adhesives, sealants and metal primers.


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Lambson Group Ltd. have built up extensive experience in the production of high-performance photo-initiators, particularly effective in the adhesive and sealants industry. Lambson Speedcure Cationic photo initiators and Uvi-Cure UV curable Cationic resins offer a wide range of benefits protective coatings and adhesives to packaging and electronic industries.


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