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Greesol™ A04 E 

Greesol™ A04 E is a multifunctional surfactant additive with wetting, foaming and dispersing properties. This is a non-ionic surfactant that can decrease surface tension, control foam and reduce water sensitivity. This product is well suited in the production of waterborne industrial coatings, waterborne wood coatings, plastic water-based paint, water-based ink, water based varnish, pressure-sensitive adhesive, paint and dye manufacturing. It is a Ethandiol solvent based product.


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Chem (Yueyang) Waterborne Additive Co., Ltd. has multiple invention patents with proprietary intellectual property rights. The production technology and application research of gemini nonionic surfactants, such as Greesol™ compound and the adduct of Greesol™ and ethylene oxide, take the lead in China at present, and the company is one of the main producers of Greesol™ waterborne additives around the globe.


Chem Additive (YueYang) Co.,Ltd.

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