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Kimresin® KSP 5100 

Kimresin® KSP 5100 is a C5 petroleum resin with a bromine value of 250 cg/g maximum. It can be used in many applications, such as road marking paint, hot melt adhesives, sealants and printing ink. It enhances the water, UV and chemical resistance while improving the stability, weathering, stain and wear resistance.


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Kimix Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional chemicals supplier that provides high quality products, efficient service, and drives value improvement for clients all over the world. Kimix is specialized in dealing with materials for construction, coating & paints, adhesive etc. Their product range covers iron oxide pigment, cellulose ethers, re-dispersible powder polymers, petroleum resins, and biocides currently. Some of Kimix' products are used as wallpaper and latex adhesives, ceramic glaze binders, latex paints, caulking compound and putty, printing inks and textile printing pastes.


Kimix Chemical Co., Ltd.

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