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PVA ASB-516 

PVA ASB-516 is compromised of spherical granules that pass 8 mesh screen. They are small glass-like beads of high purity polyvinyl acetate that are clear, colorless, grease-proof and heat seal-able. They can be used in laminating, label and hot melt adhesives, pigmented and grease-proof paper coatings, overprint varnishes, industrial lacquers and coatings, printing inks, textiles sizes and finishes, and numerous other applications.


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McGean-Rohco, Inc. is a specialty chemical company for niche applications such as pigments, dyes, adhesives, sealants, reagents, and more. Their products are used as intermediates, corrosion inhibitors, brighteners, polymers, and grain refiners for a variety of applications. The company is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly production.


McGean-Rohco, Inc.

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