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MEW-3618 Micronized Polyethylene Wax


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MEW-3618 Micronized Polyethylene Wax is a new kind of amide rheological additive that is used in non-aqueous system to prevent precipitation and flow. Primarily used as a rub resistance additive for printing inks. It can be used to modify surface properties matting agent for paints & coatings. As well as a lubricant for plastics especially for high demanding pigment concentrates based on PE and PP (dispersing aid).


Changxing Xiehe Polymer Co., Ltd. is an innovative company which specializes in the manufacture of synthetic polymer waxes. Their product portfolio includes polyamide wax paste, polyamide wax powder, polyamide rheological additives, polyethylene wax, and modified castor oil. The company is determined to continue supplying quality products as well as excellent customer service.



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Changxing Xiehe Polymer Co., Ltd.

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