Capa™ 3091 


Perstorp AP

Capa™ 3091 is a polyester triol terminated by primary hydroxyl groups. It has a molecular weight of 900 and a typical OH value of 183 mg KOH/g. It is a colorless liquid, and can be processed at ordinary temperatures. Capa™ 3091 can be used as a dispersion medium for liquid colors' in surface coatings and in rigid polyurethane castings, particularly for clear, light-stable materials.


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Perstorp AP is a differentiated specialty chemicals company with a unique position on the market. This is possible through an offer of everything from key chemical building blocks to semi-specialty chemicals and pure specialty products that together with a solution providing approach add maximum value for their customers. Perstorp's products are for use in the coatings, plastic processing and automotive industries – as well as the construction, engineering, adhesives and sealant industries and many more.


Perstorp AP

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