Epoxies® 10-3216 TR 


Epoxies, Etc.

Epoxies® 10-3216 TR is a translucent, flexible, and impact resistant unfilled epoxy adhesive. It is a two part system that forms strong structural bonds at room temperature. This unique adhesive system provides high peel and shear strengths. 10-3216 TR is excellent for bonding many metals and woods, most plastics and rubbers and masonry products. This system is designed for electronic, aerospace and other demanding industrial applications.


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Epoxies, Etc. is a leading resin formulator of epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. They take great pride in their commitment to the research, innovative development, and consistent manufacturing of materials for today's demanding applications. Epoxies, Etc.'s adhesives are widely used in the adhesive and sealant industry for use in electronic, electrical, construction, and decorative industries.


Epoxies, Etc.

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