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KMP 30000M4 

KMP 30000M4 is a modified type hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in the form of a white powder. It provides enhanced water retention, lubricity, and shrink and crack resistance, as well as improved adhesion, longer open-time, and better thixotropic properties. This product is well suited for use in cement-based tile adhesives, mortars, grouts, stuccos, fillers, and white render finishes.


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Vink Chemicals GmbH und Co KG. We deal with development and formulation of biocidal products and active substances. They are a traditional trading company that specializes in trade with specialty chemicals. Vink Chemicals' product portfolio includes specialties like: trioctyl phosphate, re-dispersible powder polymers and titanium dioxide for the adhesive and sealants industry.


Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG

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