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PER-100L, in the form of a transparent solid, is a pentaerythritol ester of modified gum rosin. This product is compatible with EVA, SIS and SBS. It can be used in sanitary adhesives and EVA hot melt adhesives. It contains at most 20 mg of potassium hydroxide per gram.


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Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry & Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a foreign-investment enterprise, the biggest manufacturer of gum rosin and its derivatives products in China. Their main products are: gum rosin, gum turpentine, hydrogenated rosin, rosin ester series, other modified rosins, disproportionated rosin and its potassium soap, and ester gum for food additives. These products can be widely used in the applications of adhesives and sealants, coatings, inks, synthetic rubber, engineering plastics and electronic solder flux.


Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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