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Dow Corning® Class VI Elastomer C6-750 Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts A & B 

Dow Corning® Class VI Elastomer C6-740 Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts A & B is a heat-cured elastomer for use by customers fabricating medical devices, including those intended for implantation in humans for less than 30 days and non-implant applications. It is supplied as a two-part kit, equal portions of which must be thoroughly blended together before use. This product has a nominal hardness of 50, durometer, Shore A.


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Dow Corning offers one of the most expansive lines of silicon-based performance enhancing materials in the healthcare industry – materials that are safe and beneficial in numerous applications. Dow Corning's product offerings include an expansive selection of Adhesives, Rubber and Elastomers.


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