Harcryl® 1228 M UV 

Harcryl® 1228 M UV is a free acid phosphate ester of 2-HEMA (hydroxyethylmethacrylate.) Harcryl® 1228 M UV is predominatly composed of the mono-alkyl phosphate ester, allowing it to be easily incorporated into a variety of polymer systems. The ratio of mono-alkyl to dialkyl phosphate makes Harcryl® 1228 M UV more hydrophilic than Harcryl® 1228. Harcryl® 1228 UV is UV curable coatings. The phosphate functional group promotes adhesion to a variety of surfaces, reducing the need for pretreatments. Improving adhesion saves time and reduces layers from the coating process. Improved corrosion resistance due to the phosphate functional group reduces the need for additional inhibitors. The acrylic backbone allows Harcryl® 1228 M UV to be easily incorporated into many coating systems. including UV & Radiation curable coatings.


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Harcros Chemicals supplies products to many industries, including paint and coatings, adhesives and sealants, and graphic arts and inks. They provide technical assistance in choosing the most effective demulsification product for your application. Through industry specialists and R&D laboratories, Harcros is able to develop innovative solutions for customers needs.


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