STP Polymer (Usually known as MS Polymer) STP-12000DS-A 

STP (silane-terminated polyether) Polymer (Usually known as MS Polymer) STP-12000DS-A is a silylated polymer resin for manufacturing one-part, moisture-curing sealants and adhesives. Plasticizer-free and of relatively low viscosity, it is an excellent base resin for low modulus sealants in building and construction and industrial applications where good elastic recovery is required. It is based on 10000-15000MW polyether, has medium activity, and is catalyzed with dibutyl tin dkietonoate catalyst and secondary amino silane.


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Risun Polymer is the first company designing and manufacturing silane terminated polyether(STP) polymers in China with technology. The customers they target are the sealant, adhesive and surface coating manufacturers who wish to replace the polyurethane and silicone products with the safer and in many cases easier to make silane crosslinked products. The elimination of free NCO, residual TDI and MDI monomer is essential to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals.



Risun Polymer International Co., Ltd. 泰州瑞洋立泰新材料科技有限公司

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