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Economic Hand Dish Wash Liquid 


Solvay Novecare

This Economic Hand Dish Wash Liquid formulation allows consumers to wash more dishes with less hand dish wash liquid. Mirapol® Foam Boost Performance is a polymer stabilizing foam. When added to a hand dish wash liquid, it encapsulates grease and prevents from breaking the foam. The foam generated is more stable in the bath. The foaming effect is perceived by the consumer as a key signal performance which makes Mirapol® Foam Boost Performance essential to an effective liquid dish wash.



Solvay Novecare is an innovative developer and manufacturer of ingredients for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaner applications. Its Repel®-O-Tex laundry detergent additives deliver superior fiber protection and stain removal. Solvay Novecare’s Mirapol® Surf-S aqueous polymer solutions yield effective spot-free cleaning and water sheeting and drying properties in hard surface applications.


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