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Alcoguard® 1000 

Alcoguard® 1000 is a unique composition of polycarboxylate and crosslinking agent which imparts a protective, virtually invisible film. When Alcoguard® 1000 is applied to materials such as cotton, polycotton and polyester crease resistance and soil guard properties are obtained without unwanted build-up or flaking on darker fabrics. Alcoguard® 1000 is completely water soluble therefore is easily removed during the wash cycle providing a secondary benefit of antiredeposition on hydrophilic soils.


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AkzoNobel Chemicals (BoXing) Co., Ltd. 阿克苏诺贝尔化学品(博兴)有限公司 is a global supplier that produces specialty surfactants for the Household, Industrial and Institutional Cleaners industry. This company combines process technology and chemical expertise to create green products such as Alcogum L 12, Witconol NP-120, Berol LS, and more. These ingredients are widely used in household cleaners and laundry products.


AkzoNobel Chemicals (BoXing) Co., Ltd. 阿克苏诺贝尔化学品(博兴)有限公司

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