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Versa-TL® 3 Dry 

AkzoNobel Versa-TL®3 is designed for use in the chemical treatment of boilers and cooling towers.

The addition of VERSA-TL® 3 effectively prevents the accumulation of scale and sludge, and disperses or conditions accumulated sludge enabling it to be removed by blowdown. By keeping deposits from forming on the water side surfaces, VERSA-TL® 3 helps to maintain efficient heat transfer and decreases the incidence of clean up, thus lowering operating costs.


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AkzoNobel Chemicals (BoXing) Co., Ltd. 阿克苏诺贝尔化学品(博兴)有限公司 is a global supplier that produces specialty surfactants for the Household, Industrial and Institutional Cleaners industry. This company combines process technology and chemical expertise to create green products such as Alcogum L 12, Witconol NP-120, Berol LS, and more. These ingredients are widely used in household cleaners and laundry products.


AkzoNobel Chemicals (BoXing) Co., Ltd. 阿克苏诺贝尔化学品(博兴)有限公司

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