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BYK-1679 is a silicone defoamer on the basis of an emulsion for aqueous textile coatings. It is a very easy to incorporate defoamer for aqueous adhesive systems. The additive is extremely well suited to being incorporated without high shear forces in very low viscosity systems. It is particularly suitable for defoaming primary PE emulsions (e.g. HORDAMER types). BYK-1679 is a suitable defoamer for use in the cooling water circuit when performing the underwater granulation of hot melt adhesives where HORDAMER is being used as an anti-blocking additive.


Byk Chemie is a manufacturer and developer of materials for liquid Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaner applications. LAPONITE® silicates provide stability, purity, and whiteness. Optigel® gellants are stabilizing, anti-settling, temperature resistance, and thickening agents. Byk Chemie's TIXOGEL® silicates work to thicken solvent formulations and stabilize water-in-oil emulsions.



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