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TexCare® SRA 300 F 

TexCare® SRA 300 F is an anionic polyester of propylene terephtalate. It hass been developed to protect the fibers of a polyester containing fabric with a polymeric film and preventing soils from redepositioning. It also brings additional benefits such as an improved cleaning performance during the first wash cycle, an improved skin feeling of synthetic fabrics via hydrophilization of fibers, and a superior anti-graying effect.



Clariant International Ltd. has expertise in the Industrial and Home Care industry, and provides solutions for fabric cleaning, floor washing products, and dish washing products. The company offers nonionic surfactants for detergents, and solvents, humectants, and plasticizers for many applications. Their portfolio also includes color-protecting polymers, amine oxides, and low foaming surfactants.


Clariant Industrial & Home Care 科莱恩工业 & 家用护理

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