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ITAMID B is a polyaminoamide resin of high viscosity at room temperature and which is used combined with liquid or solid epoxy resins to obtain products hardening even at room temperature and which is used in the anticorrosion paints, protective coatings with high resistance to chemical agents in general and with excellent properties of toughness, flexibility and adhesion to the most different surfaces. ITAMID B, which can also be used neat, is usually used in organic solvents such as alcohol, aromatic hydrocarbons, glycol ethers and their mixtures. In solvent free systems ITAMID B is usually used in combination with liquid epoxy resins giving high adhesion properties. With an epoxy resin of an epoxy weight equivalent of about 190g/eq, ITAMID B is normally used in equal parts. This ratio can be varied, even widely, whilst bearing in mind that a greater percentage of polyamide resin increases flexibility but reduces resistance to chemicals. More frequently ITAMID B is combined with a solid epoxy resin in solvent systems whose pot-life changes with the percentage of solvent and temperature in addition to the type of epoxy resin used. For example, a formulation with 40% of solvents with an epoxy resin of epoxy equivalent weight 475 and a ratio of 65/35 epoxy to polyamide will exhibit a pot-life at room temperature of about two days.


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