PIGMENT RED 3 is also known as C.I.NO.:PR3 or Toluidine Red. It is used primarily in air drying paints. Its hue varies considerably with the particle size, therefore pigment manufacturers usually offer a range of brands. The products with coarser particle sizes are bluer.nFull shades of Toluidine Red are extremely lightfast and weatherfast, but deteriorate rapidly as the pigment is reduced with white pigment. The pigment is used preferably in full or similarly deep shades. Recommendations include emulsion paints for interior application or shortterm advertisement and marking purposes. C.I.NO.:PR3, PIGMENT RED 3 application in printing inks is restricted. In plastics, Toluidine Red is practically limited to rigid PVC.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Shanghai Honor Industrial Co., LTD is a main producer and exporter of specialty organic and inorganic pigments ideal for use in the paint and coatings, plastics, and inks industries. With a dedicated lab for organic pigment testing, each product’s quality is ensured to be consistent and standardized. This method also shortens the supply chain and ensures that each customer order is supplied quickly and cost effectively.


Shanghai Honor Industrial Co., LTD

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